Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wake UP People!!!!

Honestly, we expected much more enthusiastic/strong response from Ishmeet's fans. Number of signatures per day is actually on a downward trend.

Do we people just believe in expressing ourselves in words only? Let’s ponder and come up with a good excuse. But you know nothing could be good enough to stop us from supporting our brother Ishmeet.

May be we initiators are not promoting this petition well enough. May be this petition is not reaching the masses. Help us promote this. Shoot us with some ideas of promoting it.

Put it in your local Gurudwara/temple/Mosque/Church. Take signatures on paper and then add them in this petition.

Sign for your friends, sign for your family, sign for your relatives.

We can’t run this petition for years. This is the Indian Government and the Indian system we are up against. We need to be fast!!!

Please support Ishmeet.

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Anonymous said...

No we cant ignore dat...............