Monday, August 11, 2008

Viscera Report- Can we neglect "Haematoma on Temporal region and a Linear Cut" on Ishmeet's body?

Talking about Viscera report for Ishmeet, his uncle Dr.CharanKamal Singh (himself a veterinary pathologist) pointed out the mentioning of Haematoma on Temporal region and a Linear Cut in the report. Why are doctors ignoring this part of the report? Why are they emphasizing this to be a simple case of drowning? What is taking Central government so long to mark an inquiry into this?

Click Here to check out the news article published in The Times of India.

Guy, don't shy away in airing your opinions. We have got 110 signatures ONLY as of Aug 11, 11:00 pm IST. Wake up!!! Pass on this petition. This is not just an effort of a few persons. This is your effort. Ishmeet was your hero too.

Spare a minute and sign the petition Here.

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