Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ishmeet Got Threatening SMS- Questions to answer!!

Ishmeet’s family held a press conference where they provided details about their findings in the Maldives. To everyone’s surprise they have revealed that Ishmeet in fact got a threatening SMS a week before his death. The SMS was from some girl named Richa who is unknown to the family. The message read “Gud mng. Ek baat batao tmhe sharam nahi aati hai. No. dekh ke kaat dete ho. Aisa kyo krte ho tum. VOI bn ne ka itna ghamand mat kro ye jyada din tak nhi rhega” Interestingly the phone number was saved by the name of “Richa H cousin”. She seems like a cousin of someone whose name starts with H.

Family further conveyed their apprehension about the intentions of Sanjit Shah from Star Plus and Hassan Ishaan, a local organizer in the Maldives. It certainly seems fishy on part of the profit oriented company to bear extra expense of taking Ishmeet and then putting him in a resort four days prior to the show. It will worth mentioning here that Ishmeet’s peers Harshit Saxena and Abhas Joshi were also scheduled to perform in the same event but could not join Ishmeet because of their prior commitments. Then why Ishmeet was not told to accompany both Harshit and Abhas rather than flying before?

If we have to believe The Tribune, actually the show was scheduled in the very same resort, secluded from rest of the world in no mans land. It seems like the company was planning on ferrying the audience from Male to the resort on the boats (as the only way to reach that resort is by boat).

Doesn’t sound right!!

Family also found that the statements given by Vyom , Arunima, Sanjit Shah, and Hassan Ishaan to the Indian high commission and Maldives Police are in contradiction to each other.

Questions still lingering:

1. How can a 5ft 11 inch strong guy drown in the pool without any effort?

2. What about the blood clot and linear cut on Ishmeet’s body?

3. Why Ishmeet was wearing the same clothes in which he was last seen at the Maldives airport?

4. Why Vyom, Arunima, Sanjit Shah, and Hassan Ishaan gave contradicting statements to the Indian high commission and the Madives police?

5. Why emphasis was given on Ishmeet’s negligence in Vyom’s statement?

6. Why a secluded resort in no mans land was chosen for Ishmeet’s stay and the show?

7. Why resort was not informed about the celebrity status of Ishmeet so some security could have been provided?

8. Why Ishmeet was brought in Maldives 4 days prior to the show?

9. Why no body from the resort staff of 250 people saw Vyom and Arunima with Ishmeet at the pool?

10. Why Vyom couldn’t see Ishmeet struggling in the clear blue water of the pool?

11. Why didn’t the resort doctor, who was playing badminton just 15 seconds away from the pool, reach on time to save Ishmeet?

12. Who is this Richa, H’s cousin, who sent a threatening SMS to Ishmeet?

We don’t have an iota of doubt about the deliberate errors committed by the Star Group and the local organizing company.

Come on wake up authorities, you don’t need Scotland Yard or FBI to crack this case.

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